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Black Love Day – Feb. 13th

23nd Black Love Day, February 13, 2016  Theme, “Healing the Hurt/Sharing the Solutions to Racism & Prejudice"

BLACK LOVE DAY (BLD) is the 3rd nationally, observed African American holiday (wholyday) of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24 hour demonstration of Black love, showing 5 Tenets (specific acts)– towards the Creator, for Self, for the Family, within the Black Community and for the Black Race. Also in 24 hours, Whites need to show “love in action” towards Blacks, atonement or introspection of their racial attitudes, behaviors and fears while demonstrating the 5 tenets.

BLD is an African-centered, alternative to the commercial Valentine’s Day with the wholistic goals of encouraging: 1) Black self-love instead of self-hatred; 2) Racial healing to stop White supremacy, racism and entitlement; 3) The return to Love to heal all relationships for increased peace to stop violence!

BRIEF HISTORY:  BLD was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, founder/director of the African American Holiday Association (AAHA), and CEO of PositivEnergyWorks. Founder of Optimum Life Breathology, Transcendence Breath Worker, Sound Healer, Speaker, Storyteller, Author, Host- “The Sage-ing Baby Boomer Show”.

Yearly, Black Love Day has grown in popularity similar to Juneteenth and Kwanzaa. It has become recognized on many college campuses, notably FAMU, Morgan State and Howard U. as well as in many  communities. 

Black Love Relationship Ceremonies have been hosted by AAHA in the D.C./Metropolitan area, annually since ’93.  Other notable relationship ceremonies have been held in St. Louis, Mo, Richmond, Va, Los Angeles, Calif. and Benin, West Africa, with Handy-Kendi’s consultation.

Millions have been exposed to the higher vibration of love’s healing power through presentations about  BLD on radio, TV. and in print.  (For complete history, read "The Black Love Book" written by Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder of BLD,


Alecia Velma,  HBOP of SOALightSHC,  Sacred Heart Connection

Anise Jenkins,  Director, Stand Up for Democracy

Kymone Freeman,  WE-ACT Radio,  Black Luv Fest

Bro. Pete,  Founder, Kings-n-Queens;  Pres., International Network of Hip Hop & the Arts

TEACH, Organization of Saint Louis,

Mo Johnson Lancaster, Director, Progressive Emporium Bookstore

Sala Damali, Kuumba Kollectibles

Dr. Kokayi Patterson, African Wholistic Health Association (AWHA)


Paulette Smith, Proprietor, Don Paul Associates

Charles Hicks, Mr. Black History

Bro Jamaal, Owner/Producer, Inner Light Radio


Dalani Ammon, Owner/Producer, Harambee  Radio

Senghor Baye, President General, UNIA

Dr. Khadija Abdul Malik, of Hearth2Heart Health Radio Show, Inner Light Radio


Rachel Pope, Artist,

John P. Davies, Sound Healer/Composer, PositivEnergyWorks


Penny Williams, “The Talking Feather” Radio Show

Doctah Yew Bellame, Dr. Yew 360


Manifest Ra, Universal Love Movement (ULM)

Tree of Life, D. C. Public Charter School


·** It's NOT WHERE YOU GO for Black Love Day (BLD) - it is WHAT YOU DO to demonstrate (show) love on this day.  Demonstrate the 5 Tenets (acts of love) on BLD to transform on this wholyday, then practice these tenets everyday to maintain the higher vibration of love   Events and activities are held in honor of, to celebrate or to commemorate Black Love Day, so make the distinction. For example:  Black Love Day is not the Black Luv Festival or the Relationship Ceremony, both held in D.C..  Instead Black Love Day, Feb. 13th is commemorated for 24 hours, both locally, nationally and internationally.

*** The greeting is Nya Akoma (N yah Ah comah) means get a heart, be patient

*** Display the Akoma , an ancient African Adinkra symbol of love, patience, goodwill, faithfulness and endurance. This heart-shaped symbol was re-named and co-opted as a “Valentine”;

***Wear the colors Purple and Black – purple for spiritual growth and royalty; black for the color of the people and freedom from evil (Psalms 7 or 12);

  ***Buy BLD conscious-raising gifts from Black merchants, practicing the tenet of  Black Race love.  Avoid the usual Valentine’s candy, trinkets, stuffed animals, jewelry.  Consider buying healing products or food, inspirational, spiritual gift or hand-crafted gifts, made from the heart;

***In-gather the people at a Black Love Relationship Ceremony including in the Ritual of Reconciliation;

***If there is no local community, BLD Relationship Ceremony, feel free to start one by contacting us, here at AAHA. 

***And, you can create a BLD Relationship Ceremony, right in your own home space.  The Black Love Book offers a complete guide in setting up the ceremony, offering all of the official practices;

***Need suggestions on “how to demonstrate love”?  Read the “Black Love Book” for over 100 or more acts of love that can be demonstrated;

***Get “The Black Love Book”, 4th edition, by Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder, Black Love Day – The rituals of BLD, Conducting a Relationship Ceremony, History of Valentine’s Day, Self-love and relationship tips, more, are included.

$6.50 E-book:   $13 Hard copy + $5 tax and shipping

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***Send in your Black love suggestions, highlights of your days activities or love shout-outs to to share the love vibration for the healing of the planet.



23nd Black Love Day, February 13, 2016 Theme,

“Healing the Hurt/Sharing the Solutions to Racism & Prejudice"

AROUND THE GLOBE on Feb. 13th:

At 12 o'clock noon on the date of Feb. 13th , take this time to pause, meditate, pray and feel gratitude for “The Creator’s” love and blessings in your life, and affirm your personal self love in whatever way that you can.   Then, visualize your version of a loving, peaceful family, home, community, neighborhood, world, filled with more love, devoid of all violence, racism, white supremacy, prejudice, colorism, hate-crimes, discrimination, or racial stereotyping.  This affirmative moment can serve as your demonstration of the 5 tenets (act of love) for Black Love Day. 

And you can, continue throughout the rest of the day, demonstrating the 5 tenets (acts) of Black Love or Love in Action.  The more love you demonstrate this day, the heightened vibration of love can help you transform your life.  Use the other suggestions listed here to keep that vibration high and life in balance.

Around the Local Area:


Please continue to Demonstrate the 5 Tenets (acts of love) on BLD to transform on this wholyday, then practice these tenets everyday to maintain the higher vibration of love.