The African American Holiday Association


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Founder-Black Love Day - Feb, 13th

Storyteller / Speaker/


Breathologist/ Stress Manager

Sound Healer

Organizer/Producer of events/demonstrations

Author of 5 Books; 3 Plays

Cultural/Ceremonial Facilitator



AAHA is a national,  non-profit organization that perpetuates and preserves culture through traditional and non-traditional holidays, celebrations and rituals, since 1989. 


AAHA uses holidays, celebrations and rituals for social change, African Diaspora unity, healing, economic self-help and youth entrepreneurship for crime/violence prevention. 






Providing services at an affordable, sliding-fee rates, to groups and individuals in:


·       Education/Cultural Enrichment/Ceremonial Services;


·       Social change, community empowerment and enrichment ;


·       Unity/ healing of the African Diaspora; facilitates celebrations and rituals, including African wedding rites, holiday displays, Kwanzaa candle lighting, and Black Love services;


·       Anti-violence and crime prevention through youth entrepreneur training, cultural enrichment, mediation and conflict resolution;


·     Technical Assistance (TA) on cultural organizing, organizational development, special events, or public relations ;


·       Cultural storytelling, workshops, lectures, and ritual commemorations to millions;


·       Technical assistance and cultural competency on holidays, celebrations and rituals;


·       Public educational outreach campaigns on cultural holidays and holiday stress management, on radio, t.v. and in print;